Dear Cardington Families,

We have great news!

We have recently received word that the USDA has approved the continuation of the meals program that provided free meals to all students regardless of income status until December 31, 2020, or until federal funds run out.

What does this mean for our families?

All students regardless of Free/Reduced Lunch Status will be entitled to one breakfast and lunch each day at no cost to the student until the end of this calendar year for days that school is in session. Extras are not included, but are available at a cost each day.

Should families still complete Free/Reduced Eligibility Forms?

Yes.  When the program ends in January, the district will return to charging students for meals at the rates for which they qualify.  Students who may qualify for free/reduced lunch and have not submitted appropriate documentation may be subject to paying full price.  Also, free/reduced status may qualify students for other local, state, and federal benefits outside of the school lunch program.  It is extremely important to keep this information up to date.

Will students still need money for the cafeteria?

Students who wish to buy extras or à la carte items will still need to pay for those items.

I have money on my child’s? “My School Bucks” account.  What should I do?

If you have recently added money to your child’s account, we will not be giving refunds at this point unless the amount is in excess of $50.00 and the family requests a refund in writing.  Remember, the money will carry over in the account into January when students will start to pay again.  Also, your child can use the account to pay for extras or à la carte items.

My child is learning in the online only format. Will breakfast and lunch be available for him/her?

On Wednesday, September 23, we plan to begin a lunch and breakfast pickup program for remote learning students.  Students will be given 5 days of breakfast and lunch in a single pickup much like the summer program.  More details will be forthcoming next week.

Please direct further questions to Brent Herdman, Food Service Director (


Brian Petrie