February 16th, 2021

Dear Parents and Caretakers,

Certainly this year has seen its set of challenges for schools to be in session, and now we have a pattern of winter weather that will challenge us even more.

The Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Legislature have set rules in place requiring schools to be in session either by in person means or remote means.  While the law indicates the number of hours necessary to constitute an entire school year, it has always been easier to speak about this in terms of days.

In order to prevent make up days in May or June, we are permitted to use our remote learning platforms to count as instructional days.

As of February 16, the district has used 6 calamity days. For the Middle School and High School, we will need to begin our remote learning plan on Day 9.

The Elementary will begin Remote Learning on Day 11.

We understand that for many families it is difficult to act as a teacher in a remote setting while taking care of other family duties.  This is why we choose to utilize these days sparingly and when necessary. To keep families updated, further communications about closure will include an update to the number of calamity days that we have used.

It is certainly my hope that we do not have additional days, but this winter pattern that will be present again as early as Thursday, we need to prepare.

Thank you for your understanding,

Brian Petrie

(please see below for a simplified explanation)  

Update on the necessity for Remote Learning

Calamity dayHigh School and Middle SchoolElementary
Day 6 (February 16th)TraditionalTraditional
Day 7 __________________TraditionalTraditional
Day 8 __________________TraditionalTraditional
Day 9 __________________Remote LearningTraditional
Day 10 __________________Remote LearningTraditional
Day 11 __________________Remote LearningRemote Learning