Dear Cardington-Lincoln Families,

I hope that your family has been able to enjoy this holiday season.  We are looking forward to “getting back to business” tomorrow. 


As you may be aware, the CDC has recently issued new guidelines for individuals that test positive for COVID that reduces isolation time for those that are not showing symptoms.  Our district intends on following these new guidelines in order to maximize time that students and staff can attend in person.

We will continue to work with the Morrow County Health District and families to establish “return to school” dates for each case.  Below is a summary of the new guidelines.

Employees and Students Who Have Tested Positive and are Asymptomatic

Isolate at home for five days.

Mask for five days after isolation period.

Employees and Students Who Have Tested Positive and Have Symptoms

Isolate at home for five days and, if symptoms resolve during that time, the employee or student can leave isolation after being symptom free for at least 24 hours.

If the employee or student has a fever, the employee or student must remain isolated until the fever resolves without medication for 24 hours.

Mask for five days after isolation period.

We will continue with In-person learning in a ‘Mask Optional’ environment.  We will also continue to operate under the ‘Mask to Stay – Test to Play’ guidance that was approved by state and local health officials.

We encourage parents to ‘symptom check’  children daily and keep them at home if they are sick.   We continue to welcome and encourage students and staff to wear a mask, promote social distancing, and hand washing.

Thank you for your support and understanding,

Brian Petrie