Cardington-Lincoln Elementary School

Cardington-Lincoln Elementary School

Facebook Live August 14

On Friday, August 14th, Cardington-Lincoln Schools will be hosting a "Facebook Live" in preparation for the school restart on September 8th.  Parents and caretakers are encouraged to ask questions relating to the school restart and our plans to...

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Our SEL focus for this past 2 weeks was perseverance. Our winners know how to engage and #StayInTheGame Rylee D., Micah L., Sarah G., and Candace G. will receive a @get2school t-shirt and sign for their efforts. Thanks for being a great part of our @CMSPirateProud family


The USDA has announced that the same program that allowed for free meals for ALL students in the spring will continue through the end of December. This is an incredible benefit for our families. More details will be available shortly on our website.

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